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Used cars for sale in Toronto & My best day ever

Best Day Ever – Buying a used car

You might not think that a day spent looking at all the used cars Toronto has to offer would be a good day, much less the best day ever. But it totally was. I had so much fun and ended up finding just the right car for me.

Here’s what happened. A few weeks ago, my car was in an accident. I don’t mean that I was in an accident while driving my car. What I mean is I was parked on curb in front of my apartment building and a bus hit my car. Only me, right? I don’t know what happened, really. Maybe it was a new driver, maybe someone ran in front of them and the swerved to get out of the way. Maybe the driver just didn’t know what he was doing. In any event, my car was pretty messed up.

Now, that’s not to say my car was all that great before the accident. It was just about time for me to think about getting a new one but I was having a hard time letting go. I loved that car, it was the first adult purchase I ever made on my own and paying it off early was one of the best financial accomplishments of my life.

After the accident, I got a bit of a settlement from the city that was enough for a nice downpayment on another car. I briefly flirted with the idea of buying a new car but quickly changed my mind. I mean, my car just got hit by a bus. Why would I want to park a brand new car on the street in the city?

Anyway, spending the day looking for used cars was pretty great (Found a lot on I know that sounds silly but I was really into finding myself the perfect car for a good price. I made a game out of it, haggled with car salesmen, changed my mind a million times but I really had a lot of fun.

Long story short, the next day I decided which car I wanted and went to the dealer the minute they opened. I took a test drive, had my mechanic check it out, and made a reasonable offer. They accepted and I was driving my new car home before dinner. I don’t park on the street anymore. I can’t risk anything happening to this one.

I also decided to get some new car insurance. I bought very cheap car insurance no deposit before. After I figured out how bad no deposit car insurance really was I decided to upgrade to something better. I found some car insurance quotes online here: and bought some better car insurance coverage.

No Deposit Car insurance – Some Things I Don’t Understand

I made a list of things I don’t understand the other day. It’s quite long. Turns out I don’t really know much about anything.

Here are some of the highlights, if you can call them that.

1. I don’t understand why trick or treating is a thing. We spend all of our lives teaching children specifically not to take candy from strangers. And then for one day a year, we dress them ridiculously and encourage them to do exactly that.

2. I don’t understand how people that use the phrase ‘I could care less’ think that they’re saying they don’t care about something.

Why don’t they understand that the only thing they aren’t saying is that they don’t care at all? If they could care less, then they have to care at least a bit. They could care anything from a little bit to a huge amount. The only thing they can’t care if they are saying ‘I could care less’ is not at all.

Literally, the thing they are trying to say is the only thing that that sentence doesn’t mean.

3. I don’t understand why I can’t move my decade of no claims from the UK over to Canada so that I qualify for very cheap car insurance with no deposit over there. Why Canada?!?! Why do I have to start again as a new driver? And if I can, why is it so difficult?! At least finding who has the cheapest car insurance in the U.K is easy, not in Canada…

4. I don’t understand the woman that was in all of the news today. The one who voted for Trump and was then surprised when her Mexican husband, who had been living in the states illegally, was deported. How did she not see that coming?

5. I don’t understand fishing for fun. Is it considered a sport? If so, how? And how is it fun? I’ve seen people fishing before. They wake up at an ungodly hour to sit still and in silence while holding a stick for hours on end.

I’m looking for cheap car insurance with good customer service

Own a car? You probably do. And if you do you have car insurance.. Hopefully.

We’ll im looking for some recommendations. I just switched from Geico, not because of their rates, but because of their customers service. So I’m in the market for some cheap car insurance, but also looking for a company with good service. I found an car insurance aggregator (Linked above) called autoinsurancemonkey. I found a lot of deals on auto insurance, but there’s two big issues

  1. Doesn’t show customer happiness with company
  2. Only gives a basic estimate.

Okay, so internet aggregators have failed me now I’ve started to google around an read reviews; but to be honest I don’t trust reviews. So I want opinions of real people I can trust. You guys!

What company do you use, and how do you like them? Let me know in the comments below.

In the meantime I’m going to keep looking and comparing. Also to anyone interested in knowing which company has the cheapest auto insurance you can click the link on the left. It’s a good read and I highly recommend it.

Other than this whole insurance fiasco, there’s not much to talk about today. Looking forward to some soccer, had enough of this insurance talk lol.